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Great App Helps You Locate EV Charging Stations

PlugShare Multiple Screens

Do you own an electric vehicle (EV) or are considering buying one?

If yes, does the lack of easy to find charging stations concern you?

Worry no more.

Thanks to an amazingly simple app called PlugShare, you can be confident of easily locating charging stations for your electric vehicle – wherever you may be in the world.

PlugShare is a map-based app that allows you to quickly and accurately search for the nearest EV charging station to your location. Simply enter your current location or destination and watch as the map is magically populated with available charging stations:

PlugShare Local Charging Stations

The coloured icons have a specific story to tell…

  • Green is for Public Charging Station (installed by business or government)
  • Orange is for High Power Stations (DC fast charge or SuperChargers)
  • Blue is for Residential Chargers (shared by PlugShare members)
  • Grey is for In-Use Stations (currently in use)

Clicking on the icons reveals useful details of the selected charging station. These can include technical information, photos and user reviews:

PlugShare Specific Local Charging Station Details

Is it really that easy to find a charging station you may ask?

Yes it is. And it is possible thanks to the thousands of PlugShare members who enthusiastically add and review charging stations.

This member-led model has been so successful that the app currently features over 50,000 charging stations worldwide. The app also has over 100,000 charging station reviews, and more than 30,000 photos.

The best news of all…

PlugShare is available for free.

Look for it on iPad, iPhoneAndroid and the web.


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2 thoughts on “Great App Helps You Locate EV Charging Stations
  1. Craig J Todd

    Yes, I agree with you. It is a fantastic app. As more electric cars take to the roads, and more charging stations appear, this little app is set to become even more important.