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Chemical-Free Water Treatment System Sees Rapid Worldwide Adoption

Siemens Cooling Water Tower

Water cooling towers are an essential part of many industrial processes. Typically, the towers cool the circulating water used in refineries, power plants, HVAC systems and other heat-intensive applications.

However, the large volumes of water used in cooling towers present several persistent issues: scale, corrosion and bio-contamination.

Traditionally, these issues have proved costly to rectify, both in monetary and environmental terms.

Fortunately, advancements in technology have allowed Arizona-based Dynamic Water Technologies to introduce a water cooling tower treatment system that effectively addresses these issues.

Award-Winning, Sustainable Water Treatment Technology

In 2016, Dynamic Water Technologies was the only water treatment company to be unanimously approved by the Department of Energy, Government Services Administration and National Renewable Energy Laboratory as offering a technology which can revolutionize industries during their Green Proving Ground and High Impact Technology Catalyst programs.

But what exactly is their technology? And what are its benefits?

Named UET (Universal Environmental Technologies), the technology uses an electro‐catalytic process to control scale, corrosion and bio‐contamination in cooling towers, while at the same time decreasing water and energy consumption, reducing maintenance and extending equipment useful life.

The system works with nature – rather than against it.

It does this through a turnkey solution which uses electrolysis to split water into an acid and a base. The alkaline solution is used to precipitate scale forming minerals – while the acidic solution activates chlorides into biocide. The water is then balanced, using naturally present calcium and magnesium ions to act as a buffer for corrosion.

The result is a simple and cost-effective solution for scale, corrosion and bio-contamination. Crucially, the solution requires no chemical additives.

Reduces water use by 25%-50%, Reduces sewer use by 50%-90%

The technology has been proven over a 25-year period, and is designed to be skid-mounted and easily retrofitted to existing water treatment equipment.

ET Water Treatment System

More Than 5,000 Installations Worldwide

To date, more than 5,000 UET installations around the world have been completed. These include installations for multinational companies such as Boeing, Coca-Cola, HP, Nestle and Unilever.

Benefits to these organizations include lower maintenance costs, reduction in tower drainage water and the 100% elimination of chemicals. The UET system also dramatically increases cycles and significantly extends the life of existing water treatment equipment.

Commercial water cooling systems which can benefit from UET technology include those installed in:
  • Dairy and other food production facilities
  • Data centers
  • High rise offices and condominiums
  • Hospitals
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Oil and gas refineries
  • Renewable energy power plants

To give you a practical example of the benefits of UET, let’s take a look at the Andasol thermo solar power plant in Andalucia, Spain.

The thermo solar plant has a producing capacity of 50 megawatts, and relies heavily on a large cooling tower which is responsible for heat transfer optimization. (The cooling tower allows the plant to operate at maximum efficiency.)

The cooling towers at the plant initially suffered from poor water quality and weak concentration cycles. However, since UET-CT units were installed at the plant six years ago, impressive benefits have been seen. These include:

  • Total Water Savings: 250,000 m³/year
  • Total Chemical Reduction: 200 tons/year
  • Total Cost Savings: 500,000 $/year

As you can see from the above, the monetary and environmental savings are compelling.

Israel Aircraft Industries

Yisrael Levitan from Tadal Building Services said:

“In every building project we have undertaken with UET we have received excellent advice and seen significant improvements in the water systems within a short time – sometimes within the first month. We have no doubts that UET’s technology yields excellent results very quickly.”

The short video below provides an excellent overview of the UET technology and its successful implementation at the Rabin Medical Center in Israel.

For further information on Dynamic Water Technologies and its UET water treatment system, please visit their official website.

Contact details for the company can be found here.

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