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Solar Charging Stations Set To Help Electric Cars & Bikes

SunPod Cyclo - Solar Electric Bike Charging

As electric bikes and cars continue to gain in popularity, charging options have become increasingly important.

French company AdvanSolar has developed an innovative and exciting range of solar charging stations.

Two of their key products are designed to charge electric bikes and cars from the power of the sun.

Let’s take a look…

SunPod Cyclo

It’s easy to imagine these eco-friendly units being fitted in towns and cities across the world.

With charging available in this simple way, electric bike sales and usage are sure to increase.


SunPod Cyclo - Solar Charging


SunPod Auto


SunPod Auto - Solar Charging


As well as looking beautiful, these solar charging stations are also very functional.

One example of their use would be installing them in a company car park. This would allow green commuters to charge their electric car at no cost while sitting at their desk.


SunPod Auto - Solar Charging


Solar charging stations are the perfect partner for electric vehicles. Together they provide a clean, green and efficient personal transport network.

The sun rises every day. Why not use this free energy to help encourage the adoption of electric bikes and cars?


For more information on AdvanSolar’s range of solar charging stations, please visit:


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