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10 Green Websites You Should Know and Use

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Are you interested in green-living, sustainability and renewable-energy?

If yes, then we have put together a list of 10 superb websites that will keep you informed of all the latest green news and developments.

  1. CleanTechnica  The leading clean-technology website in the world. Has a somewhat formal style, but don’t let this put you off. Lots of graphs and detailed information, means you will find more depth here than comparable sites.
  2. EcoWatch  Featuring content from around the world, EcoWatch has an emphasis on human health and the environment. They have a mission to use news to help drive fundamental change. Their stories are often controversial, opinionated and hard-hitting.
  3. Forbes Green Tech  Although not always updated regularly, this site specialises in quality articles on topical green subjects. A mix of business and consumer information, you can expect well-researched articles.
  4. GreenBiz  Reaching a global audience of 500,000+ people, GreenBiz is a leading media and events company at the intersection of business, sustainability and innovation.
  5. Greener Ideal  We love this site. It has stacks of articles on green topics. The majority of their articles are very easy to read. In fact, in most cases they simply provide overviews of the latest green news and opinions. If you like clear, concise articles, then Greener Ideal could be for you.
  6. Green Choices  If you want in-depth information on eco-living and green lifestyles, then be sure to check this site out. They definitely fulfill their aim of empowering readers with simple, direct information on green alternatives. Just some of the topics they cover: Eco Holidays, Gardening, DIY, Eco Shopping, Work and Money.
  7. HuffPost Green  A spin-off from the ever-popular Huffington Post. This site covers everything you would expect – and more. They like to find unusual, unique and sometimes shocking stories. Up-to-the-minute green news with a tabloid paper feel.
  8. Inhabitat  Primarily an architecture and home design site. However, most of their articles are themed around green building and sustainable living. Well-researched articles often featuring lots of colourful and interesting images.
  9. Mother Nature Network  They state their mission as: “Improve Your World.” Not only do they look at issues affecting our planet, but they also cover a myriad of related subjects such as: family, health, lifestyle, business and community. Their variety of articles is amazing. If you are looking for inspiration, you are sure to find it here.
  10. TreeHugger  Launched 10 years ago, TreeHugger pitches itself as a one-stop shop for green news, solutions and product information. What can we say? A fantastic site that truly delivers what it promises.

We hope you find this list useful, and you like our choice of websites.

Did we miss any great green websites? If you have any additional recommendations, then please let us know in the comments section below.


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4 thoughts on “10 Green Websites You Should Know and Use
    1. Craig J Todd

      Thanks Erica. Perhaps I need to do a follow-up article: Top 10 EV Websites. Your site suggestion would definitely feature in that list.

  1. Jon26

    Very useful list. I haven’t heard of some of the sites, so I am looking forward to checking them out. Thanks.