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Owner Review Site Reveals the Pros and Cons of All EVs

myEVreview website

Let me cut straight to the chase… I’m come across what I believe is the best EV review site on the planet.

Titled myEVreview, this fantastic website shares owner reviews of all EV makes and models.

EV owners describe the pros and cons of their vehicle, as well as writing a detailed review including photos and sometimes YouTube videos.

The site prompts owners with a series of questions, including:

  • Are you pleased with your electric vehicle?
  • What do you like about it and what not?
  • What other EVs did you consider buying and why?

Unlike many EV forums, reviewers on myEVreview aren’t anonymous – which results in a database of authentic pros and cons across all EV makes and models.

Tomas Zajicek, Editor-in-Chief at myEVreview, told us:

Our goal is to create a database of experiences that will help future owners in choosing a new EV, while opening up a community space for people captivated by the EV world who will gladly come back here to engage in discussions with others and read current reviews and news. We would like our users not only to learn about the benefits of EVs but also about their shortcomings and limitations.”

myEVreview owner review

Check out one of the site’s popular pros and cons reviews. The review is of the Tesla Model 3, where you’ll find more than 750 pros and 230 cons:

Tesla Model 3 Pros and cons summary

Also click below to see a great example of a detailed owner review of the Tesla Model 3:

Tesla Model 3 LR after 50 days the fears, the attractions, the unexpected and the verdict

As you’ll see from the above review, EVs are comprehensively evaluated by their owners. As well as their pros and cons for certain specifications, functions, features and experiences, owners also provide a deep dive into owning and driving their vehicle. This is enhanced by relevant photos (and sometimes videos) from the reviewer.

Reviews come from all across the world, but most are primarily from the US, Canada, Australia and the UK. And while the majority of reviews are in English, reviewers can choose to write in any language.

In addition to the reviews, the site also offers some other super useful EV information. Namely:

myEVreview comparisons

If you’re in the market to lease or buy an EV, then I’d highly recommend that you head over to myEVreview and check out what owners say about the EVs you’re interested in.

This simple piece of research is likely to save you time, money and stress. It will also give you a realistic picture of what it’s like to own an EV.

And of course, if you already drive an EV – then I’d encourage you to add a review of your vehicle to the site. This will help other drivers to decide which is the best EV for them.

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