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7 Compelling Reasons To Go Electric

Nissan Leaf

Are you fascinated by electric cars but unsure if they are for you?

Many people feel like this. Electric cars appear very exciting.

But what about range, charging points and cost?

Let’s cut through the confusion and look at 7 reasons that might convince you why electric cars are indeed for you.

1. They are greener

Running exclusively on an electric motor and batteries, electric cars have no combustion engine. This means no petroleum or diesel fuel needed. If charged from renewably-sourced energy (solar or wind for example) they are significantly greener than a conventional car.

2. They are quieter

It is amazing how quiet they are. An electric motor runs much quieter than an engine. In fact, electric cars are so quiet that some models now come with noise generators to help pedestrians hear the vehicle approaching.

3. They can save you money

You will definitely like this one. To run a car on electric is far more cost-efficient than to run one on fuel. A typical comparison is 12 pence per mile on fuel, 2 pence per mile on electric. Based on the average driver’s 12,000 miles per year, this would see you save around £1200 annually. In today’s economic climate, this is surely a very welcome saving.

4. They don’t pollute our towns and cities

No exhaust pipe. Zero emissions. Enough said.

5. Their range is increasing

Concerns over range is probably the number one reason stopping people buying an electric car. However, although range is still limited, the constant improvements in batteries is helping to address this issue. For example, the Nissan Leaf (currently the world’s best-selling electric car) has an impressive range of up to 124 miles on a full charge.

6. Their cost is decreasing

It’s true. Since major manufacturers such as BMW, Nissan and Renault have begun selling 100% electrically-powered cars, consumer costs have come down. This is due to bulk buying and efficient manufacturing processes. Cheaper batteries are helping too.

7. They are super-cool

You don’t have to drive a Tesla Roadster to be part of the chic electric car owners’ club.  Whichever electric car you choose, these futuristic vehicles are  always head-turners.

Still not convinced?

Well consider that it is very likely that all cars in the future will be electrically-powered. It is fun to be ahead of the crowd.

Electric cars also have superior acceleration compared to traditional cars. You may be clean and green, but you can also be quick off the mark!

If you haven’t done so already, then please test drive an electric car. We think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Electric cars are the future. A future that you can become part of right now.


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