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The Pros & Cons of Life in the Cloud

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Could moving your personal computing into The Cloud help or hinder you?

We aim to answer this question for you in this short article.

But first…

What Exactly Is The Cloud?

The Cloud is a generic term for data, services and applications that are hosted and stored remotely on network servers. Your access to these is via the Internet.

For example, Facebook is a Cloud-based social media site. There is no application to install. Your profile, posts and comments are all stored on Facebook’s network servers. You can login from any PC and you will have all your settings and data available immediately.

So far, so good.

Now let’s take a look at some of the great benefits of The Cloud that you are sure to enjoy.

5 Things You’ll Love

1. With no applications to install, your PC will run faster and cleaner.

2. Convenience. Your data is typically available from any Internet connected device.

3. Software updates are all taken care of by the service provider.

4. Recent studies show that Cloud Computing is greener than traditional computing.

5. If your PC dies – your data lives on!

However, nothing is perfect…

5 Things You May Not Love

1. With no Internet access you may find yourself unable to access any of your data.

2. Big data requirements (like complex spreadsheets) may not load as quickly.

3. While standard office applications are available, they often lack some features.

4. As with anything new, there can be a learning curve.

5. Security. Despite many privacy policies, can you be sure no one is viewing your data?

Is The Cloud For You?

We would answer with a resounding YES!

The Cloud is a definite step forward from working locally on your computer. It is also becoming faster, easier to use, and greener. As ever-increasing numbers of people move to The Cloud, then its acceptance as the default computing method seems to be inevitable.

You may already have your email, photos, and music stored in The Cloud. It is only a small step from there to allowing The Cloud to take care of all your data and services. Needing less storage and processing power, your next PC could be cheaper, lighter and simpler.

We are currently in a transition phase, but the compelling benefits of Cloud Computing are winning over more and more people.

We would recommend joining them.


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