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5 Great Ways E-Reader Devices Are Helping The Environment

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E-Reader devices are surprisingly eco-friendly.

Take a tour with us now through 5 of their foremost environmental benefits.

1. Goodbye To Paper

E-Books are just that – electronic books. No paper required, as all text is displayed in digital form on the E-Reader’s screen. Imagine how much paper and ink is being saved across the world as more and more readers transition to E-Books.

What’s more, disposal of unwanted books is as simple as hitting the delete button.

2. E-Delivery Saves Time, Cost And Energy

E-Books are usually delivered wirelessly over the Internet. Think of the savings. What could have taken weeks to deliver is typically with you in minutes, and with no requirement for delivery trucks. The energy and cost savings from electronic delivery compared to standard mail are huge and environmentally compelling.

As a bonus, delivery of your E-Book is free. Something rarely found with paper books.

3. The Magic Of Virtual Storage

You may already have shelves or boxes full of books taking up room in your home. With an E-Reader, storage is all in the cloud or on the device. No more space issues, as your entire library can be held in your hands.

And let’s not forget the real magic – a massive reduction in the requirement for warehouses or stores stockpiled with millions of paper books.

4. E-Ink And Its Amazing Low Energy Usage

If you haven’t already experienced the quality of an E-Ink screen, then prepare to be astonished. They impressively replicate the ‘easy on the eye’ reading experience of print on paper.

Additionally, E-Ink has an important energy-saving benefit over standard LED screens. E-Inks usage in E-Readers allows ultra-low power consumption that results in the average reader only needing to charge their device once a month!

If only our phones and tablets were as energy-efficient.

5. Backlights And Room Lights

Many people like to read late at night in bed. Instead of having the main room light on, with the in-built LED backlights of many E-Readers, you can read easily at night with no additional illumination required.

The energy and cost savings may be minimal in this case, but over a long period of time, even small savings accumulate into significant ones.

Backlights have the further benefit of allowing your partner to sleep without being disturbed by a room light.

E-Book Reader with copy space

While there will surely always be a place for hard copies of some books, E-Books are definitely the green way forward for most publications.

From now on, think of E-Readers as Eco-Readers!


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