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This Smart Charger Only Draws Power When Your Phone Is Plugged In


Did you know that regular mobile phone chargers use electricity when plugged into a wall even when a mobile phone is not attached?

It’s a bit like paying at a gas station for fuel when your car is not there.

Incredibly, every year the world’s seven billion mobile phone chargers waste about two nuclear power plants worth of electricity through this inherent design weakness.

A new startup entrepreneur named Asmo Saloranta has designed a better and safer mobile phone charger.

Named the ASMO Charger, the device is the world’s first charger which powers on and off automatically based on whether a mobile phone is plugged in or not.

Manufactured in Finland, the patented device is also able to charge mobile phones and tablets at up to twice the speed of regular chargers.


Asmo Charger Specifications

In addition to the welcome energy savings, the ASMO Charger can also help make homes safer.

The childhood home of Soloranta’s fiancee burned to the ground due to a mobile charger left connected to an electrical socket. This incident inspired Soloranta to design a mobile charger that would be fire-safe.

His invention is impressive in its effectiveness and simplicity. It works by using a relay in the charger that can automatically turn off the electricity flow when a mobile phone is disconnected.

As you can imagine, a device that can both enhance safety and save electricity is likely to be in demand.

Within one day of being launched on crowdfunding website Indiegogo, the charger raised $24,799 from 436 personal investors. This is an amazing 248% of its funding target in just 24 hours.

For more information on the ASMO Charger, or to pre-order one, please visit their Indiegogo campaign page.


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2 thoughts on “This Smart Charger Only Draws Power When Your Phone Is Plugged In
  1. Carolyn

    I confess that I am guilty of this one although I wasn’t aware that it made a difference: that’s the advantage of sites like these.

    1. Craig J Todd

      I also have to confess that before this product came along I was unaware that regular mobile phone chargers used power constantly. Perhaps in the near future countries will mandate that only eco-chargers can be sold.