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Meet the World’s Smallest and Lightest Hydropower Station

Blue FreedomEvery once in while a great idea comes along that deserves attention.

Blue Freedom is just such an idea.

It’s a sleek, small and portable hydropower station that can be used to charge any USB device that is powered by rechargeable batteries. Examples include digital cameras, mobile phones and tablets.

At any time of the day or night, the Blue Freedom station can provide power to your mobile devices. It works by using the inherent energy in flowing water.

By simply immersing the water turbine into a stream or river, and then connecting a device to the station, power is cleanly and effortlessly provided.

One hour of Blue Freedom in flowing water equates to about 10 hours of power for your smartphone.

If your devices do not require immediate charging, then Blue Freedom can also store power in its’ onboard battery for later use. Furthermore, an LED light is built into the station for additional functionality.

And of course for people around the world with no access to power grids, Blue Freedom could be a way to help reduce poverty and save lives.

A working prototype of the device has been developed, and now Blue Freedom LLC is seeking to manufacture and distribute their invention.

They have turned to crowdfunding site Kickstarter to help them, and their campaign page has tons of facts and information on the designers, the product and the compelling business case.

Take a look at their promotional video:

The Blue Freedom hydropower station is planned to be on sale from October 2015, with an expected retail price of $319.


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