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Leading the EV Charge: Callum Russell and Charging At Home

Charging At Home

I was pleased to chat this week with Callum Russell, who is an electric vehicle (EV) enthusiast and the proud owner of the Charging At Home website.

As you’ll see from his responses to my questions, Callum is super knowledgeable and passionate about EVs and their potential to revolutionise the transport industry.

What motivated you to create Charging At Home?

I was motivated to start the website due to a lack of information and general advice on owning an EV. There is a lot of information out there when looking to buy one, but very little in regard to maintenance, what sort of additional costs you can expect it to add to your electricity bill and so on.

So I decided to just try and help other people like myself, and if they can take anything useful away from the site then it’s worth it.

Can you describe the range of services offered by your site and how they help EV drivers?

At the moment, we are an informational blog where we cover a wide range of topics regarding EV chargers, electric cars and the industry as a whole. We are progressing though and looking to team up with industry leaders who can provide that type of equipment. That way, at the end of a review if they want to buy, they can.

What’s the most popular content on your site?

Our most popular content is the charger reviews as they are extremely detailed and give people a good comparison between the different brands. Whether you’re looking for a cheaper model or perhaps want something that looks sleek on the outside of your home, we cover everything so you can make an informed decision.

How do you stay up to date with the latest developments in the EV charging industry?

Callum Russell

Callum Russell, Founder of Charging At Home

Staying up to date with the latest changes and technology in the EV industry just takes some research. I follow a magnitude of blogs and certain brands that provide excellent information. I also take a keen interest in the industry as a whole because I own a Nissan Leaf, it’s something that I am passionate about so it’s more of a hobby than a job.

How do you see the EV charging industry evolving in the coming years?

I expect the EV industry to pretty much take over in the coming years; stats don’t lie and year-on-year there has been a steady increase in the number of new car sales for EVs and hybrids. By 2030 I expect a large majority of new car sales to be solely EVs, and with governments and countries also looking to reduce their carbon emissions, I think you will gradually see internal combustion engines phased out.

The cost of fuel and the effect it has on the planet are the two main driving forces behind the popularity of electric vehicles. And I think many many countries will be looking at electric cars as their main source of transport on their roads.

Looking to the future, what are your long-term goals for Charging At Home, and how do you plan to achieve them?

In terms of long-term goals for the Charging At Home website, I would like to grow the readership and as I spoke about earlier, partner up with companies who sell EV chargers so my customers have a range of options after they finish browsing the site.

I would also like to expand the site in terms of informational articles. The electric car industry is only in its infancy and I would like for us to become a household name in the UK market where you can go for anything related to EVs and hybrids.

To see the amazing range of EV information on Callum’s website, head over to: Charging At Home

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