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Can You Spot the Hidden PC in This Elegant, Handcrafted Case?


Sure you can.

It may not be immediately noticeable – but embedded within the ornamental wooden case is a powerful personal computer.

This uniquely designed PC package (named ATMO) offers aesthetic, environmental and sensory benefits.

Let’s take a look at this fascinating piece of equipment.

What Is ATMO?

ATMO is a low-power consumption PC that is handcrafted in Italy.

Its wooden case contains a peperomia rotundifolia – a plant chosen for its easy care and rapid growth. The case also contains a collection of Zen stones.

The PC itself packs a punch:

  • Intel J1900 or i3 processor
  • Up to 8GB RAM
  • 500GB hard disk drive
  • HDMI and VGA monitor outputs
  • LAN connector
  • Integrated Wi-Fi
  • Four USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0
  • Licensed version of Windows 10



What Benefits Does ATMO Offer?

Firstly, ATMO is an impressive energy-saving computer that can positively impact the environment – and your wallet.

A 10-watt power supply, and no requirement for fan-cooling, sees ATMO run six times more efficiently than a standard Desktop PC.

Calculated in euros, here’s a useful guide to how much ATMO’s annual running costs are likely to be (including handy comparisons):

ATMO average annual costs              €27.37

Desktop PC average annual costs    €131.40

Gaming PC average annual costs     €542.02

As you can see, the cost savings are very significant.

However, ATMO’s benefits go beyond energy and money savings.

Placed on your desk, the beautiful wooden case, with its elegant plant and zen stones, will help relax your mind and uplift your mood.

When ATMO is powered-up, it gently heats the peperomia rotundifolia plant – which leads to a release of oxygen in the room. This oxygen provides nourishment for the mind. Hopefully, helping you to think and work better.

Should I Buy An ATMO?

Yes, if you want a powerful PC that is also a unique Italian handcrafted piece.

This short video offers a good insight into the care and attention that goes into the making of each ATMO:

Prices for ATMO range from €499 to €669 (depending on which processor you choose). There is also the option to pick either light or dark wood cases. All ATMOs ship with a wireless mouse and keyboard.

The English-language version can be purchased from the ATMO online store.

More information on ATMO can be found on their website.


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7 thoughts on “Can You Spot the Hidden PC in This Elegant, Handcrafted Case?

    It looks lovely. I The idea of not having a noisy fan is appealing. I would be concerned about how easy it is to repair it.

    1. Craig J Todd

      It’s certainly a very appealing looking device! And yes, its silent operation is attractive to me too. As for repairs… the manufacturer says that the box can be opened, allowing access to the PC for any hardware updates or maintenance.

  2. Fabio Portesan

    Thank you Craig for this beatiful article on us. We’re working hard in ATMOPC just to bring simplicity. There’s only two things that you can do with our PC once you’ve opened tha downside box (4 screws). You can upgrade Ram or upgrade the HDD. In every other case there’s one year total warranty. Just send it back to us and we will ship you a new one!

    Thanks again.

    Fabio, founder at ATMOPC

    1. Craig J Todd

      Thanks Fabio. A few people have asked me if the plant could leak water into the computer?